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Get Professional Window Cleaning Products from D.K. Boos

Whether you have brand new home windows, a custom mirror, or replacement auto glass, D.K. Boos Glass Inc. is committed to offering customers in the Olympia, WA area high-quality window cleaning products to keep their glass sparkling and grime-free. Our team of experts has been working with glass products since 1978 and has tested a multitude of cleaning options over the years. When our customers are looking for the best window cleaning products, we’ve found that nothing compares to the streak-free shine of A-MAZ™ Glass & Mirror Cleaner.


A-MAZ™ Glass and Mirror Cleaner

A-MAZ™ Glass and Mirror cleaner includes all-natural ingredients that won’t harm glass or leave any residue on the surface. Products are available in 8 oz. and 64 oz. size containers and include a spray bottle that allows you to reach those hard-to-reach areas and awkward angles. It even sprays effectively upside down! You won’t have to worry about any streaking or build-up, and it’s completely safe to use on any surfaces, including:


A-MAZ Glass and Mirror Cleaner in D.K. Boos Glass

The Benefits of Our Window Cleaning Products

One solution can provide a remedy for any interior, exterior, or commercial window cleaning product need, and you can get it directly from D.K. Boos Glass Inc. A-MAZ™ Glass and Mirror Cleaner is so versatile it will be the only glass cleaner you ever need. We take the quality, appearance, and maintenance of glass seriously and completely stand behind this product as one of the most effective at providing a clear view without streaks or marks. Benefits of this amazing product include:

  • All-Natural – It doesn’t contain chemicals and is safe for the environment, people, and all glass surfaces.
  • Versatility – It’s a mirror, shower door, eyeglass, and outdoor window cleaning product all in one!
  • 360° Spray Nozzle – Reach any area, even spray upside down to reach the underside of glass tables.
  • Made in the USA – A-MAZ™ products are all produced in the USA.
  • Easy to Get – Order from us today!

Why Trust D.K. Boos Glass Inc.?

Our company has been serving customers in Thurston and Pierce County since 1978 with reliable and honest services. We’ve received high ratings on customer reviews because our team is knowledgeable about the products we sell and the work we perform. We can help answer any questions you have about glass doors and windows and offer an affordable solution to handle any need you have. Our business is family-owned and operated, and we treat each customer as if they’re a part of our family.

We’re Here to Help Keep Your Glass Spotless

Contact us or visit our showroom in Lacey, WA for the only window cleaning products you’ll need to keep your glass and mirrors free of dirt, grime, and streaks. We’re a proud retailer of A-MAZ™ Glass and Mirror Cleaner and are sure you’ll be amazed by the results of its cleaning power. Visit us today!


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