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It’s Important to Repair Rock Chips in Curved Glass

Contrary to popular belief, rock chip repairs are not merely cosmetic. Many rock chips can cause severe damage to your glass. Leaving a rock chip unattended is always dangerous, especially in Olympia, WA. Extreme temperatures related to moisture, storm conditions, and winter months can cause rock chip damage to spread. If you are driving with a rock chip in your curved glass windshield, please come into D.K. Boos Glass and get it repaired today.

Driving with a Rock Chip Can Seriously Impair Driving

Even if a rock chip seems small and insignificant, it can seriously impair your ability to drive safely. A windshield with a rock chip is vulnerable to spreading damage. High winds and flying debris are more likely to impact an already weakened windshield. Even in favorable conditions, a chipped windshield can affect the structural integrity of the car. When temperatures dip below freezing, your curved glass is especially at risk. More severe cracks can emerge from moisture getting trapped inside the initial chip. Attempting to defrost a windshield when fending off ice and snow can also cause further stress.

Olympia Chooses D.K. Boos Glass for Curved Glass Repair

If you are struggling with a rock chip in your curved glass, please contact us today. For nearly four decades, we have proudly served Olympia, WA’s glass needs. Our family-owned business operates on a tradition of customer service. Most insurance companies will cover your rock chip repair 100%. Not sure what your coverage entails? We’ll provide you with a quick estimate so you know exactly what to expect from our services. The best part is, there are no appointments needed for rock chip repairs. Put your safety first, and come in today.

Why trust D.K. Boos Glass for the installation?

At D.K. Boos Glass, we know how common it is for small rocks and debris to damage your car’s glass. We also know that it being commonplace doesn’t make it less frustrating. Let us take care of the issue today. The longer you wait to get your rock chip repaired, the more likely it is that the problem will worsen. You don’t want to find yourself with a large crack and no visibility on a busy Olympia road. Don’t delay. Prioritize your safety and the safety of all Olympia drivers. Not located in Olympia? We also proudly serve Washington’s surrounding area, including Lacey, DuPont, Lakewood, and more! Contact D.K. Boos Glass to repair your rock chip today!

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